Cut-out: situated work in five parts, green
Untitled (parabolic lens)
The First Portal
The sum of your actions...
The sum of your actions...
Number 178
A New Generation 2020
Number 179
Number 178
Number 180
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The Drop

May 2022 through august 2022

The Lobby’s debut exhibit, The Drop, launched on Thursday, May 12 and ran through August 2022. The artists included Daniel Buren, Leonardo Drew, Fred Eversley, Sam Gilliam, Jenny Holzer, and Jack Whitten. Leonardo Drew, renowned contemporary artist, introduced his work at the opening. These artworks were selected for the exhibition to complement each other through color palette, sense of texture, and sculptural concepts. As a collection, they propel the art conversation further through the lens of abstraction.

The title, The Drop, is derived from urban language interpreted as, ‘to drop by,’ or a casual visit, which is the invitation The Lobby is extending to the Portland community, to please DROP by and enjoy the art exhibition.

The exhibitions are free to the public, open Thursday and Friday from 10 – 2pm and by appointment and will highlight the client’s personal art collection with each curated exhibition.

For further information, please contact Sima Familant at 917.297.7313 or